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Located on the top of LAFODIA Sea Resort, dipped in WATERHILL LAFODIA SPA is the new concept for all those who are looking for an alternative to the sea.  Sea, trees, plants and fruits. Each of these elements enable us to live in a harmonious relationship of a continuous exchange.The environment given to our guests is authentic and rejuvenating; an atmosphere that moves in our body strength, well-being and beauty.


We are glad to invite our guests to the brand-new WATERHILL of LAFODIA Sea Resort; revive yourself after a long trip or after walking around the exciting sites of Lopud. Observing nature we learn harmony can derive from the combination of water, earth and sky, and all these elements contribute to create a perfect and exciting picture. From the moment guests enter in WATERHILL LAFODIA SPA they’ll be enveloped in a haven of relaxation.

WATERHILL will be the point of balance of body and mind thanks to a deep physical and mental regeneration with the aid of the most advanced technology and experienced operators. Our customized touch and experiential treatments make WATERHILL the ultimate destination. WATERHILL LAFODIA SPA Center with its 800 sqm of surface, can be easly reached, thanks to the elevator, on the 7th floor of the LAFODIA Sea Resort. What makes special this place is the peaceful surroundings and the breathtaking view.

The philosophy of Waterhill  is based on physical activity, spa therapy and a selection of healthy foods and beverages in harmony with the flavors and aromas of Lopud. Our treatments and packages are designed to balance your senses into a reality constructed with elegant and refined materials. The pine forest on the hill together to the benefit of the sea, promote inner harmony and an immediate feeling of overall well-being.







Termarium is featured with: Sauna with citrus fruits essence, Finnish sauna with window, Emotional shower (cold shower and flood), Turkish bath, Ice fountain, Hot and cold footbath, Relaxing area with comfortable loungers


Waterhill  provides 6 treatment cabins for traditional and innovative massages, where speacialists can pamper our guests. Our policy is to use natural products belonging to the Dalmatian area, such as Lopud citrus fruits, honey, lavander, salt from Ston.


Overlooking the amazing view of Lopud bay, our guests can relax themselves spending a bit of time in the humid zone, after or before a treatment. Humid zone offer: Whirpool featured with 6 water games, Indoor relaxing area facing the bay of Lopud


Jacuzzi tub, Sauna, Turkish bath, Treatment area (for single and couples), Relaxing area



HYDRO LIFE TREATMENT – Water Is the Source of Your Beauty

An intensive deep hydrating treatment that gives excellent results. Natural substances like plant ceramides, liposomes, soya proteins and rice, marine extracts and vitamins work to complement both the bio-technological time release action and 24-hour action. This intensive treatment leaves your skin feeling amazingly fresh, hydrated and renewed.

PURI LIFE TREATMENT – Oily to Combination Skin Type

Intensive treatment ideal for oily and acne-prone skin. The active ingredients with a proven effectiveness and high tolerance are able to make oily skin more beautiful and healthy. The ingredients of this treatment are a variety of plant substance combinations, such as marine extracts, teas, mints, cucumber. This treatment calms the sebum, as well as its secretions.


This facial is ideal for quick refreshment developed to get your skin back into shape, rebalancing, smoothing, stimulating circulation and restore hydration. Optimal soothing mask and defense cream will calm your skin after sun exposure. This facial includes cleansing, exfoliation and mask.

COLLAGEN LIFT TREATMENT – Intensive Natural Treatment – Face Lifting

Reshapes the contours of the face with special massage and natural substances like: Collagen, Trylagen, Argireline. This intensive treatment is ideal for mature skin. Specialized lifting massage, combined with powerful Collagen lift cream ensures immediately visible results.

NUTRI LIFE – Caviar Treatment

Formulated with a selection of nourishing caviar, revitalizes the skin’s cellular activity. Restores skin comfort and suppleness with essential fatty and phytotherapy. Exclusive use of caviar mask, serum and cream in combination with special massage and natural substances offers maximum results. This treatment is ideal for dry and mature skin.


- Esensa eye treatment for puffy eyes and dark circles

- Esensa facial mask



Mediterranean Massage

This is a massage that has been personally created for you. It uses a series of techniques, from deep relaxation, stimulating circulation, drainage by wave-like movements, to light, comfortable movements that stretch the musculature. Synergy of rosemary, pine and lavender essential oils helps ease muscle pain and stressed joints. It gives you a special connection with the natural world. Great for releasing spasms and muscular tension due to athletic activities and stress of overwork.

Massage 1000 Islands

Massage of a Thousand Islands is an energetic massage which uses sunflower massage oil with the scent of green tea. The uniqueness of this massage is that movements performed on the body take exactly the same direction as the winds that blow on our islands, thus creating: Bura, Jugo, Maestral and the final movement Mediteranske pijavice (Mediterranean whirlwind). It is specifically designed for those who seek harmony.

Hot Stone Massage

The deeply relaxing and rebalancing treatment uses combination of warm volcanic stones, aromatherapy oils and massage techniques to help melt away muscle tension. Synergy of grape seed oil and marjoram restore elasticity of your skin. Hot stone therapy is a perfect way to relieve stress and sooth the soul. Indulge yourself and feel the perfect sense of Dalmatia.

Made to Measure” Massage

“Made to Measure” massage is all about tailoring the perfect treatment for the client. It is designed as a combination of the best massage techniques with the holistic approach. Holistic approach promises much deeper and more consistent results.

Maternity (Mamma to Be)

Full body massage specially designed for expecting mothers. Specially selected oils will make your skin soft for you and your baby.






Aromatic Sea Salt Peeling

Classic body peeling with Dead Sea salt in combination with essential oils of lavender or sage. This exfoliation is a simple process of removing dead skin cells from the skin surface. The skin is deeply cleansed, silky, smooth and glowing.

Anti-Cellulite Treatment

This innovative and effective anti-cellulite program is a combination of natural products, effective and diverse application such as scrub, detox wrap and special massage techniques. It helps refine the appearance of cellulite and release the discomfort of fluid retention. 2-4 treatments per week are recommended.

Absolute Spa Adventure

Relax and indulge with full ”Rolls Royce” treatment. The most luxurious treatment combines a full body Mediterranean massage with signature WaterHill facial. Pamper yourself and experience 2 hours of pure pleasure.

Lavanda Detox

Indulge and detox your body with a signature WaterHill treatment. Aromatherapy combined with the richness of the ocean. The treatment starts with full body exfoliation followed by algae body wrap and scalp massage. In combination with essential oils of rosemary and lavender, this beautiful body mask helps ease the pain of arthritis and sore muscles. Algae in combination with horse chestnut are ideal for total detoxification.

Aemotio Signature Treatment

The Aemotio Spa is an advanced multifunction cabin of original design that offers the most modern treatment techniques. Our signature treatment starts with full body exfoliation on a luxury water bed, followed by a gentle shower. Relax and detox your body in an amazing mud wrap while experiencing water-enhanced vibromassage. The Aemotio Spa cabin triples the yield of a normal Spa cabin, as it provides for complete spa treatments: relaxation, anti-cellulite, draining, slimming and toning treatments, body wraps, scrubs, massage and facial treatments.



Sorrento Pampering Moments

A unique treatment for you and someone special to you. Indulge yourself in „Massage 1000 Islands” our signature treatment for 75 minutes.

Venice Couple Experience

Pamper yourself and your partner in a luxury couples room “Ivan and Maria”. This amazing experience starts with signature “Mediterranean” full body massage in duration of 55 minutes. After the treatment, enjoy in a luxury private suite with Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room for 35 minutes.

Pampering time

Pamper yourself and someone very special to you in luxury room ”Romeo and Juliet“, with sauna and Jacuzzi, while refreshing with healthy smoothies.

Total relaxation

Indulge yourself with 25 minutes back massage and 30 minutes private time in a luxury private suite ”Othello and Desdemona”, with Turkish bath, showers and relaxing bed for two.





Classic manicure

The treatment includes cleaning of your cuticles, shaping your nails and finishing with a fresh nail polish

Classic pedicure

After your feet are soaked in a warm bath, the skin is soft, cuticles cleaned and repolished.

Signature spa manicure

This divine treatment combines basic hand care with exfoliation and special hand mask.


This divine treatment combines basic foot care with exfoliationn and special foot mask.

French polish 

Shellac polish 

French shellac polish



Full leg wax

Half leg wax

Arm wax

Underarm wax

Chest or back wax

Bikini wax

Upper lip wax

Eyebrow reshape


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