Lopud Island


Lopud island is one of the southern Adriatic group of islands  and is located approximately 5 km northwest from the port of Dubrovnik. East from Lopud is the Kolocep  island, and to the west is the island of Sipan. On the western side of the island is homonymous town.

Let us briefly introduce Lopud. We note that it is extremely difficult to summaries all of the benefits here in words, but we hope that we can encourage you to feel the experience of heaven on earth on your own skin and that your eyes see the same thing.




The beauty and uniqueness of Lopud is inversely proportional to its size. Considering the area of 4.63 square kilometres, we can freely say that the beauty here is overpopulated. Circular bay beach with a layer of white sand and clear water are ideal invitations for every tourist. Lopud island has 11.5km of coastline, of which 1.20km are marvellous sandy beaches. Lopud is particularly suitable for couples, but of course even parents with children will not be deprived of the superb ambience.

According to many, this island located between Kolocep and Sipan is the most beautiful of all three. The fact that no cars are allowed on the island, makes it a natural paradise that’s the only one of its kind in the world. Noise and air pollution are the unknowns here. The highest peak is Polacica at 216m, and dolomitic valley runs between two parallel mountainous limestone ridges. You can only imagine such landscape before you personally experience it

Location of the island is perfect. Like you could read from the description above, proximity to other islands of the archipelago and the city of Dubrovnik offers the possibility of a regional tour.



Mediterranean region is very well known for many hours of sunshine. According to meteorologists, on the Lopud island there are on average 2584 sunny hours every year . Converted into days, that is about 215 completely sunny days per year! That kind of climate supports growth of the thick Mediterranean vegetation. Lush forests are dominated by Aleppo pinend Mediterranean maquis. Here you can see many palms, olive and laurel trees also.


Lopud island has a long and interesting history. However, culture and architecture still recall the ancient times. The island has been inhabited for thousands of years. Many remains of ancient Greek, Roman and Slavic buildings and ruins were found on the island. Romanized name of Lopud island is Lafodia. Remnants of old Croatian culture from  the 9th and 10th century are still present in the pre-Romanesque chapels: St. Mary, St. John the Baptist, St. Peter etc.  A total of 36 churches are on the Lopud island. In 1457,Lopud was one of the regional centres of the Dubrovnik Republic. At that time, the island was inhabited by over 1000 people. Today, there are about 400 inhabitants.

We will leave you with a quote of one Croatian poet and his verse from the 18th century;

˝Can life be better anywhere else? Only a crazy person would come to our shores and then leave when they could stay here forever. ˝

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