Elaphiti Archipelago

Elafiti islands - archipelago of unique beauty welcomes you!

Elafiti are a group of islands located west of Dubrovnik. They were named from the Greek word (elpahos) Elaphos which means deer. Although historically deer marked the  Elafiti island region, they no longer inhabit the islands. Supposedly Elafiti islands are first mentioned in the 1st century by Pliny the Elder in his work of Naturalis Historia. The largest islands of the archipelago are Lopud, Kolocep and Sipan. This is a list of all the other islands in the archipelago:

  • Daksa
  • St. Andrew
  • Ruda
  • Mišnjak
  • Jakljan (children's recreation and leisure center)
  • Kosmeč
  • Golec
  • Crkvine
  • Tajan
  • Olipa (westernmost island)

Some people include the island of Lokrumat Elafiti islands and therefore we often talk about thirteen or fourteen islands in the archipelago.

All the islands have one thing in common - exceptional beauty. If you are on a vacation with the kids, you'll love the peace and quiet of the archipelago, if you are on a romantic trip, you will enjoy the romantic sunsets which here look completely unreal. If you visit the Elafiti islands with friends, you can enjoy the fun, good food and drinks, and a variety of sports and adventures.


Kolocep island is called the green island, and there are two villages –GornjeCelo I DonjeCelo. Kolocep is the smallest island in the Elaphiti archipelago. It has a surface area of only 2.35 sq. km. and a population of around 200. Geologically, it consists of limestone and dolomite. There are no permanent bodies of water or springs, so water is obtained from the Artesian wells.

Lopud is perhaps the most beautiful of all the islands. Rich history, many churches and beautiful beaches leave every visitor breathless.

Sipan Island is the largest island in the archipelago. It is characterized by silence, legends and greenery. It is separated from the mainland by the Calamotta Channel. The island is surrounded by numerous rocks and tiny islets. Geologically, it consists of cretaceous limestone and dolomite. Porto Gippana and San Giorgio are the two towns on the island.

You can see from the text that all islands are alike. Each is specific enough to impress you with its special beauty, and yet they are so similar to each other. If you visit all the islands, or at least most of, you will feel that their secrecy for the moment turns into a warm welcome.

The Elafiti Islands are quite well connected with Dubrovnik by ferries, and you can also rent or charter a boat or a sailboat if you want to visit all the islands. There is also a passenger ship for tourists in the summer, which also runs from Dubrovnik to Elafiti islands.

Treat your body and spirit. Visit Elafiti islands as soon as possible. Greenery, peace, crystalline sea, perfect climate, ridges, cliffs, monuments, old buildings, churches and great food.

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