From here to eternity
The city stands proud,
for all time, Dubrovnik,
sunbathed Dubrovnik.

Famous for the stunning walls that surround it, Dubrovnik is the southernmost city in Croatia.Walls surround the entire old city, including the port, and are 1940 meters long. Dubrovnik is one of the main attractions of Croatia and is an essential stop for the major cruise ships that ply the Mediterranean.

So many verses written on Dubrovnik, so many books were published and so many movies have been made, and still like nothing had been said about the town. Why? Because it is the city that you have to see to know what the songs, books and movies are all about.


Dubrovnik is probably the most desirable destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Dalmatian sea is the cleanest in this area, and its color is absolutely amazing. White rocks and the smell of unique flora fit perfectly into the landscape of Dubrovnik. World Heritage Site, view from the walls, romantic sunsets, underground caves, streets, festivals... all of these are small parts of the mosaic which will be forever remembered. Here you can relax, enjoy the clean sea and the sun, be active, culturally educated or go to concerts. There is absolutely nothing that this city can not offer. Dubrovnik is a city for everyone. The Mediterranean climate and excellent gastronomy complete city perfection.


Not many towns in Croatia or the southern part of Europe have such a rich history as Dubrovnik. Accepted legend says that the city was built in the seventh century and that its original name was Ragusa. Another story considers that Dubrovnik arose even earlier, in the third century. However, in 1380 Dubrovnik was developed and became an independent Republic. The Republic of Dubrovnik was the patrician aristocratic republic. Republic existed untill 1815 and then merged with Dalmatia. Ruder Boskovic (Roger Joseph Boscovich), Marin Drzic and Bukovac are just some of the many important historic Dubrovnik citizens. Dubrovnik is known as a Baroque city. The Baroque period is the pinnacle of creation in Dubrovnik. An example is the Church of St. Blaise, patron of Dubrovnik. In 1979 Dubrovnik has been added to the UNESCO's World Heritage list.


Dubrovnik is not only interesting during the summer. Feast of Saint Blaise, New Year's Eve, the carnival events - these are all events that provide entertainment during the colder season. If you want a vacation without the hustle and bustle, then Dubrovnik during twinter is an ideal choice.


There is plenty of places in Dubrovnik you should visit. Besides the city walls, Visia Dubrovnik 5D Theatrum is a unique interactive museum that takes you on an exciting 5D journey through the history of Dubrovnik. Liberty Hymn Show is a unique dance and music experience and an interactive show program dedicated to Ivan Gundulic's poem. Do not forget to visit the aquarium or Treasury of the cathedral which consists of 138 reliquaries.

Although Dubrovnik is a city with great cultural tradition, it also offers lots of entertaniment through disco bars, night clubs and pubs.

It is not possible to list everything Dubrovnik can offer in a single article. Conclusion is thus rather simple. Come and see for yourself!

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